Land Available

Liberty Homesteads

Group Land Buy Details:

  • You own the land directly via a Simplified Share Society, of which you and the other co-owners of the property are members of.
  • Your share is tied to a private homestead area via a contract with the other owners that specifies your GPS coordinates, access, and other details.
  • The private contract between property owners includes land use and rights, etc.
  • Benefit from the community hub with shared power tools, internet connection, other amenities.
  • Land price includes planned infrastructure such as driveways, water system to all private lots, etc.
  • Pay a small amount each year to fund property-wide expenses such as taxes, infrastructure maintenance, etc. Expect this to be $200-$500 per share per year depending on the needs of that specific property.

Lands Available:

All lands listed here are in the same region of southeast Ecuador. All prices are in USD.

Liberty Homesteads 5 and 6: These two adjacent farms are right next to Fruit Haven Ecovillage. LH5 (click for info) is an 11 hectare farm with riverfront, pasture, and fish ponds, with an existing large rustic wood house that can be used as a community center. LH6 is in the mountain just above LH5, more secluded, and accessible via the Fruit Haven private road system. The farms are being sold together so we must find a seed investor group to purchase both farms at the same time.

Liberty Homesteads 8:
This 27.8 hectare property is next to Fruit Haven Ecovillage, so is already surrounded by like-minded survivalist homesteaders. It is accessible only via a private road.

Liberty Homesteads 11: 26 Hectares near Tutus: Eligible for private purchase or a group land buy. Seed stage, $80k. Details here.

Liberty Homesteads: Manchinatza 1-3
3 farms on the Río Zamora north of El Pangui. Seed stage, $2.7k/hectare. Details here.

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