About Us


Liberty Homesteads is a strategically decentralized community of like-minded landowners who wish to grow their own food and survive while enjoying a peaceful rural life. Our community is a beacon of preparedness, resilience, health, and self-sufficiency, that will shine brightly in the coming times.


To create an alternative society that will replace the beast system as it continues its slow and spectacular collapse.


  • To grow our own food year round
  • To achieve optimal health in body and mind
  • To attract like-minded individuals to our community and grow rapidly
  • To become self-sufficient in a practical way
  • To create a strong network of similar organizations, and defeat manifestations of evil in the world’s institutions
  • To live a wholesome life, and defeat manifestations of evil in the individual
  • To offer affordable land ownership solutions to people whose dream it is to start a permaculture homestead

The Team

Email us to join our team! We started developing the Ecuador communities Terra Frutis and Fruit Haven in 2014, and they are still successful today. We realized the potential for projects like this to grow and attract a lot of high-quality people. Liberty Homesteads is the newest endeavor; a way of expanding the niche group to include more people who love permaculture and individual liberties.

More Info

Email us at libertyhome@protonmail.com.