Liberty Homesteads

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We are researching and narrowing down locations to focus on: The Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas / Southern Missouri, southeast Ecuador, and Loma Plata, Paraguay. Let us know where you are interested in relocations, at libertyhome@protonmail.com.


Grow fruits and vegetables, raise animals. Our group land buys and other community endeavors are focused on support systems and helping people who are new to farming and permaculture begin to grow food for their families.



We will only set up operations in areas where Homeschooling and midwifery are both legal. Raise your kids in a wholesome environment, growing food and interacting within a community of like-minded liberty-loving individuals with a wide variety of skills and trades.


Buying land with us as part of a group land buy means your name is on the LLC share certificate, with the LLC’s name on the land title. A second legal document, the LLC operating agreement between the owners of each land, delineates private homesteads, basic land use rules, and timely resolution of future disputes.


If there’s anything the world needs, it’s more liberty. The freedom to do basic things like educate our children, eat healthy food, and develop our land as we please, is being curtailed in most nations. Are you interested in permaculture, homesteading, and freedom? Liberty Homesteads might just be the place for you. Buy some land, build a house, and raise a family in an environment where you know your neighbors share your beliefs and your commitment to freedom.

Survive the Apocalypse?

Everyone has different theories regarding what may or may not be coming in our lifetime. Regardless, it’s a great idea to be prepared for any emergency situation that may happen. Our community places an emphasis on security and preparedness.

Whether it’s a solar micronova taking down the grid planet-wide, or geo-political instability and a major economic crisis, you don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of neighbors who will rat you out to FEMA in exchange for government-rationed slop vouchers. Liberty Homesteads is strategically located and already has a lot of survivalist-minded friends in the area. Our remoteness is a great benefit, and property owners coordinate together to increase the security of our community lands.