Liberty Homesteads: Manchinatza 1-3

Three adjacent properties along the Rio Zamora north of El Pangui.

The Basics

Size: 70.6 hectares total / 174 acres
Individually: 26, 29.6, and 15 hectares.

Elevation: 760m / 2500ft above sea level by the river. Rises to about 840m / 4000ft on the west boundary.
Access: 10 minute walk from road to the north or 20 minute walk from road to the south. Owners should extend a driveway to the property for easier access.
Electric: ~100 meters from power line
Internet: Available, not installed
Water: Streams on property. East boundary riverfront to Río Zamora.
Structures: None.

Photos: Coming soon.
Location: Click here.


The owner is asking $2.7k USD per hectare. They may take a lower offer if we find enough people to buy all three properties at one.
15ha asking price: $40,500 USD
29.60ha asking price: $79,920
26ha asking price: $70,200



Property Development Plan

The development plan can be customized for the buyer. We recommend a water system, internet connection, electric hookup, driveway, and structures. Contact us for details on these costs.


Annual average low/high temps are around 18C/65F to 28C/82F. Mix of sun, partial sun, cloud, rain, changing up frequently. Wet season Feb – July, dry season August – January. Some wind, not extreme. Almost no serious storms, except for a major windstorm once every few years. No major earthquake risk in this area, no flooding, no forest fires, no tornadoes. Annual rainfall ~1900mm / 73 inches. Humidity is medium-high but constant; less humid than, for example, most of the US in the height of summer.
Annual minimum is probably around 15C / 59F, but it only gets this cold during a few nights at the end of the wet season.


We will provide more detailed access information soon. Below you can see a map of the access situation.