Liberty Homesteads 11

Two adjacent 13-hectare properties offered as a group land buy or sell-and-divide for 2-4 participants or families.

The Basics

Size: 26 hectares / 64.2 acres (13 hectares / 32 acres each property)
Elevation: 760m / 2500ft above sea level
Access: Gravel road. 50 minute drive from Gualaquiza or El Pangui. Public transportation 2x per day from nearby Shiram Entsa, or $20 private taxi ride.
Electric: Powerline along road.
Internet: Available, not installed
Water: Multiple small streams on property
Structures: None.
Photos: Click here.
Location (approximate): Click here. The farm is on the left side of the road going along Rio Zamora.
Land price: $3k per hectare.


Annual average low/high temps are around 20C/70F to 28C/84F. Mix of sun, partial sun, cloud, rain, changing up frequently. Wet season Feb – July, dry season August – January. Some wind, not extreme. Very few serious storms, except for a major (still relatively mild) windstorm once every few years. No major earthquake risk in this area, no flooding, no forest fires, no tornadoes. Annual rainfall ~1800mm / 71 inches. Humidity is medium but constant; less humid than, for example, most of the US in the height of summer.


The property is in a rural area 50 minutes south of Gualaquiza, on the new gravel road from Proveeduría to Las Peñas. The gravel road is somewhat bumpy.

There is public transportation 2 times a day via bus, from the nearby village Shiram Entsa. A private taxi ride out to the property costs around $20, from either Gualaquiza or El Pangui to the south.


The owner is selling 2 farms, he will only sell them both at the same time. He has given us varying prices depending on his mood, but should settle for $3k per hectare.
One person could purchase both farms, divide off several parts and sell them. Or 2 people could each purchase one of them, and do the same thing.

Development Plan

There are many options for these farms. 4-6 buyers could buy both farms, plan for driveways and utility easements, split the farms into multiple individual properties, and adjust individual price accordingly. Then each could develop their farm as they please.

Another option would be to