Liberty Homesteads 8

A 28-hectare mountaintop property down a long private road, already surrounded by like-minded homesteaders

The Basics

Size: 27.8 hectares / 68.6 acres
Elevation: 1100m / 3600ft above sea level
Access: Planned dirt road, 75% completed. 20 minute drive from the hanging bridge at Chuchumbleza, between the towns Gualaquiza and El Pangui.
Electric: Powerline along road.
Internet: Available, not installed
Water: Multiple streams on property, including waterfall.
Photos: Click here.
Location (approximate): Click here.
Land price: $30k USD

Total proposed development budget (including land cost): $150k USD

Share cost: $7500 USD for a 5% share with a 3 acre / 1.25 hectare homestead, with your name on the title (you will own 5% of all common elements as well, such as road and community center.)

This includes closing costs if you buy in now as a seed investor. Those who buy in later will have to pay $1500 additional closing costs.


Annual average low/high temps are around 18C/65F to 28C/84F. Mix of sun, partial sun, cloud, rain, changing up frequently. Wet season Feb – July, dry season August – January. Some wind, not extreme. Very few serious storms, except for a major (still relatively mild) windstorm once every few years. No major earthquake risk in this area, no flooding, no forest fires, no tornadoes. Annual rainfall ~1800mm / 71 inches. Humidity is medium but constant; less humid than, for example, most of the US in the height of summer.


The property is in a remote rural area 30 minutes south of Gualaquiza, and 15 minutes north of El Pangui, on the private road that goes through nearby Fruit Haven Ecovillage community lands. The location is ideal for people who want to be far from the zombie hordes. The private road is controlled by its landowners, and the landowners (of Fruit Haven) keep a strong emphasis on security (as will the landowners of Liberty Homesteads.)

The west side of the property is totally inaccessible from the river because there is a steep cliff. This is very ideal. The south side of the property borders the Fruit Haven 9 community land, and beyond that is a few more abandoned farms culminating in a steep cliff. This area is atop a high plateau structure in between two rivers, Rio Zamora and Rio Quimi, so it is strategically a very ideal location.


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