Liberty Homesteads 2

A 14 hectare property offered as a private purchase for a single person or family.

The Basics

Size: 14 hectares / 34.5 acres
Elevation: 760m / 2500ft above sea level by the river. Rises to about 1200m / 4000ft on the south boundary.
Access: Direct road access. 20 minute drive from Gualaquiza. Public transportation throughout the day or $6-7 private taxi ride.
Electric: ~100 meters from power line
Internet: Available, not installed
Water: Stream on property, east boundary. North boundary riverfront to Río Bomboiza.
Structures: None.

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Property Development Plan

This property is intended for a private purchase so the development plan can be customized for the buyer. We recommend a water system, internet connection, electric hookup, driveway, and house. Contact us for details on these costs.


Annual average low/high temps are around 18C/65F to 28C/82F. Mix of sun, partial sun, cloud, rain, changing up frequently. Wet season Feb – July, dry season August – January. Some wind, not extreme. Almost no serious storms, except for a major windstorm once every few years. No major earthquake risk in this area, no flooding, no forest fires, no tornadoes. Annual rainfall ~1900mm / 73 inches. Humidity is medium-high but constant; less humid than, for example, most of the US in the height of summer.
Annual minimum is probably around 14C / 57F, but it only gets this cold during a few nights at the end of the wet season.


The property is in a rural area 30 minutes north of Gualaquiza, on the old route to Cuenca that goes from Gualaquiza to Aguacate. The gravel road is fairly well maintained. Owners will need to build a driveway (included in the development plan above.) The driveway will arrive at the property boundary. If there are multiple owners, it would be advisable to continue the driveway so that each lot is accessible. There are two development plans; one with just the initial driveway, and one with an extension of the driveway to access the interior of the property.

There is public transportation 2 times a day via bus, at around 6:30 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. A private taxi ride out to the property costs $5-$8.