Get Started!

Want to buy land and start your homestead? Here’s what to do:

Want to buy land and start your homestead?
Here’s what to do.

1. Is this for me?

Decide if you’re a good fit for our project! We are looking for people who are interested in permaculture, growing their own food, natural living, raising families, living off the land, living off-grid or partially on-grid, promoting individual liberties, traditional moral values, emergency prepping, and sustainability. We want based AF survivalists who will ride out the NWO apocalypse in style.

2. Questionnaire

Fill out our questionnaire so we can learn more about you.

3. Legal Information Form

If your questionnaire is approved, you will be sent a form with additional information that we will need for the legal processes to make you a property owner.

4. Signature or POA

If you are participating in a group land buy, you will register an electronic signature with the Ecuadorian government, allowing you to sign paperwork remotely. If you are purchasing a private property or a share of an existing community that has not yet converted to the SAS group ownership structure, your power of attorney document would be signed by you, notarized, and sent to us.

5. Closing (Land Sale)

If you have selected a land or share to purchase, we will first sign a promise of sale contract, and then go through with the closing process.

6. Receive your land title

By default, you will receive a scanned PDF of the sale documents including land title.
You can receive a notarized original copy for an additional fee (the notary normally only issues one original document, even for group land buys.)

7. Landowner Contract

The horizontal property contract between property owners is signed via your electronic signature or your power of attorney.

Congratulations! After following this 7-step process, the land is now yours. You can start developing your private homestead as you please.

Remember that we can help manage construction and planting, even remote projects. Our supervisors can take daily progress photos of all work done on your lot, and we can help you design the house and homestead of your dreams.