Getting Here

To arrive here, plan your travels to Gualaquiza, Ecuador. Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar as its currency.

You can fly into Cuenca, Guayaquil, or Quito.
Guayaquil and Quito are international airports. To arrive in Cuenca, your flight will include a layover in Guayaquil or Quito.

Quickest / Easiest Arrival Route:

Take a flight to Cuenca (CUE). Your international flight will land in Quito or Guayaquil and you will take a short connecting flight to CUE.
From Cuenca, take a 3-hour, $100 private taxi directly to your property, if it is in the Gualaquiza area, or $120 if it is south of El Pangui. We can recommend a taxi driver and arrange pickup.

From Cuenca it is a 4.5 hour, $8.75 bus ride to arrive to Gualaquiza, where we are located. From Gualaquiza you can expect a roughly 20-40 minute, $8-$12 taxi ride depending on which property you are going to.

From Guayaquil to Gualaquiza it is a 9 hour, $17 bus ride; though first you will take a $5, 10 minute taxi ride from the airport to the Guayaquil bus terminal.
From Quito to Gualaquiza it is a 14 hour, $22 bus ride; though first you will take a $20, 30 minute taxi ride from the airport to the Quito bus terminal.

The bus tickets can be purchased at the bus station when you are ready to leave. You do not have to purchase them in advance. In Cuenca and Guayaquil, the bus station is very close to the airport.

At airports leaving the U.S., you will often have to present “proof of ongoing travel” when your destination is Ecuador. This can be your return flight ticket, or a bus ticket to another country (if you are traveling.) Travelers from most countries do not need to apply for a visa. A free 90-day T-3 multiple-entry visa is stamped into your passport upon arrival at the airport.
No vaccines are required to enter Ecuador. We are not in a malaria or yellow fever region. Incidence of parasitic diseases in our area is very low. Crime is also very low in our area. We are around 40 minutes from a well-equipped, modern hospital (Hospital Misereor in Gualaquiza) and another hospital in El Pangui.
Travelers: Please note that when flying from Ecuador to countries like Costa Rica that have mandatory vaccinations, you may be required to get a yellow fever vaccine upon entry into that country, unless you spend some time in a non-YF country first.

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